How Doctors Can Earn Extra Income

There are a number of proven ways in which physicians can increase revenue by doing consulting work on the side.

Physician Expert Witnessing.  How much can a physician expert witness earn?  Medical expert witnesses commonly charge $400-$1000 per hour or more.  Devoting a few hours a week to medical-legal consulting can easily earn most physicians more than $100,000 in extra revenue in a year.

Physician Consulting.  Physicians can earn money consulting in an unlimited number of areas, for example, consulting for industry, writing, wellness, coding, you name it.  The key is finding a niche where clients will pay for your expertise.

Performing Independent Medical Examinations.  Physicians can increase their revenues by performing independent medical evaluations for insurance companies and attorneys in workers’ compensation and personal injury cases.  IMEs pay on average $500-$1000 or more per examination.

Disability and File Review Consulting.  Physicians can earn $85-$150 per hour or more performing chart reviews for insurers and utilization review companies.  There is a large demand for this work, which can almost always be done from home.


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