SEAK is proud to support the financial and lifestyle well-being of physicians.  Our focus is on teaching physicians how to supplement their clinical income through lucrative home-based work, educating physicians about the numerous non-clinical career options available to them, helping physicians become better negotiators, and assisting physicians who have been sued for malpractice to prepare for their deposition and trial.

7 Proven Ways To Supplement Your Clinical Income

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17th Annual Non-Clinical Careers for PhysiciansChicago, ILOctober 16, 2021October 17, 2021
How to Supplement Your Clinical Income with Lucrative Home-Based WorkChicago, ILOctober 14, 2021October 14, 2021
How to Find and Land High Paying Non-Clinical JobsChicago, ILOctober 15, 2021October 15, 2021

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