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SEAK, Inc. has been supporting the needs of independent medical examiners since 1993. We have deep expertise in this lucrative niche field. Our National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners was established in 1998 and features guaranteed referrals for providers placing their first listing.

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Supplement Your Income with SEAK Directories- IME, File Review and Expert Witness Referrals

SEAK IME Directory

Guaranteed independent medical examination (IME) referrals since 1998.

SEAK Medical File Review Directory

Guaranteed disability and file review referrals since 2010.

SEAK Expert Witness Directory

The #1 rated expert witness directory – guaranteed referrals.

Personal IME Training

SEAK works one-on-one with independent medical examiners to help them start, grow, and improve their IME practices.

Onsite IME Training

SEAK’s highly-acclaimed interactive IME training can be brought onsite to your organization at a time convenient to you.

What Our Clients Have To Say

“I took SEAK IME training 5 years ago.  Last year I earned over $500,000 doing IMEs part time.”

“Steve, I have received my first feedback from a chart review I performed after I attended your course in Naples. It was a complex shoulder case. I backed all of my opinions up with literature. State Farm told my hiring lawyer that it was the best report they have ever read. Does that mean I can only go downhill from here? Anyway they’re already calling with more cases for me. Just an update. Thanks again.”

“Excellent. The sample IME reports were outstanding. Thank you.”

“Thank  you for an excellent course.”

“Excellent, very informative, eye opening.”

“Very pleased with seminar, very informative.”

“Outstanding. I have been doing IMEs for 18 years and learned quite a bit of information that I will put into use immediately. Thank you!”

“Very well done.”

“Dr. Dorto’s experience probably can’t be matched and Michael’s presentation was logical and elegant.”

“Very thorough.”

“Very informative.”

“Very helpful, approachable faculty.”

“Very good – I overheard very good comments from repeat attendees.”

“Outstanding, exceeded my expectation, meeting room was excellent also.”

“Fantastic course, comprehensive A+.”

“Spot on for myself as I will start doing IMEs full-time soon.”

“Excellent and informative.”

“Very qualified speakers, excellent presentations”

“Practical point by point and examples of how to get started and forms to use, etc.”

“Very good, knowledgeable faculty”

“Great, really appreciate individual feedback re: CV and sample IME provided”

“Excellent source of information… clinical and legal”

“Excellent coverage of real world issues.”


“My schedule fills up with IME exams from a repeat referral base. I have to thank SEAK’s training and other resources for helping me to produce a quality work product over the years that is in such demand.  Many thanks!”

“The recent IME Masters Course exceeded all of my expectations.”

“Well organized – a lot of work put in”

“One of the best CME programs that I have ever attended”

“Goldmine of legal and medical pearls of knowledge”

“Outstanding seminar with multiple practical tips”

“Full of usable information”

“Excellent way of learning in shortest period of time”

“Very practical”

“Excellent preparation and presentation”

“More than excellent ~ profitable”

“Faculty very competent and good teachers”

“Extremely well run, informative, and entertaining”

“Absolutely superb.”

“Excellent ~ one of the best I have been to in 20 years.”

“I get 5 to 10 hits every year from the SEAK Directory.  It’s the best listing for me. The SEAK IME Directory is Great!! They are finding me. It is stretching me to the next level.”

“The SEAK IME Directory is my main source of new business. Thank you.”

“The SEAK IME directory proved to be one of our better sources of new leads this past year.  Probably our best advertising source other than our own website.”

“Based on the SEAK IME Directory I have established relationships with 3 companies to do case review on an ongoing basis – the total number of cases per year is perhaps 250.  Another company has contracted with me for a fairly substantial writing/education project.  Four major contracts like this in a year with recurring business from each, amounts to a very substantial amount of business – just about on the verge of what I can handle as a solo practitioner in addition to my clinical practice.”

“Resulted in a marked increase in my IME work.”

“[The SEAK IME Directory] Provides me with at least two new referral sources each year.”

“The Directory has increased the number of IMEs, especially for out of town referral organizations.”

“A valuable source of IME referrals.”

“The SEAK IME Directory has increased the number of referrals received. The cost was, as you promised, offset very quickly. Add me to your list of satisfied clients.”

“This SEAK IME Directory should be used by all physicians interested in performing IMEs.”

“My most important source of new contacts for IMEs during the past year.”

“Dear Steve, Just got paid a great complement from one of my referring attorneys.  He said my IME report on a very complicated case (> 30 symptoms by plaintiff!) was one of the best he has ever received by an expert witness.  I am grateful to have taken your courses and benefited from your personal tutelage.  This training has been invaluable in growing my expert witness practice and helping me to produce high quality work.  Keep up your excellent work and feel free to relay this anecdote to your attendees/students. Thanks again!”

“You have supplied my practice with so much information over the last few years our IME and Expert witness business has taken off.”