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• How to Impress Retaining Counsel
One of the most effective ways to impress retaining counsel is to come well-prepared to your deposition preparation session with him. Experts who impress counsel with their work ethic, organization, case insight, and readiness with articulate answers to challenging questions and likely opposing counsel tactics will see their reputation soar.

Lucrative Opportunities Serving As An Expert Witness

How Experts Can Obtain More Repeat and Word of Mouth Business

SEAK IME Report Writing Checklist

SEAK Expert Witness New Client Checklist

How to Draft an Expert Witness Retention Agreement That Prevents Most Problems Experts Face
More than 90% of problems that expert witness face are preventable. This article details problems that can be easily solved through a superbly drafted expert witness retention agreement.

Preventing and Dealing with Your Expert Witness Crisis
Many expert witnesses/groups/firms/companies and individuals have built valuable businesses with substantial annual incomes. These individuals, groups/firms are valuable assets that need to be protected from crisis and risk in a proactive manner. Many costly crises at expert witness practices can be anticipated and prevented.

Expert Witness Deposition Preparation
Article – Expert witnesses are frequently inadequately prepared by retaining counsel for their depositions. In traveling across the United States and working with experts, this refrain and complaint has been expressed to the authors over and over again by experts from all disciplines. The size of the case does not seem to matter. Experts are ill-prepared by counsel in small, medium, and even large dollar cases.

Forensic Firms Retooling
Article detailing the fact that forensic companies across the United States are facing an increasingly severe problem, namely: the shortage of experts with experience in testifying at deposition and trial.

The 5 Traits of a Dangerous Expert Witness
A dangerous expert witness is an expert witness that puts fear into opposing counsel. The article describes the five traits of a dangerous expert witness.

Expert Witness Cross Examination Questions
The following outline describes some of the most important lines of inquiry opposing counsel may follow during cross.

Expert Witness Fee Study
The survey includes responses from over 1,000 expert witnesses in over 300 areas of expertise. This is the most comprehensive study ever conducted on expert witness fees.

Medical-Legal (Medico Legal) Work Improves Physician Skills
One of the best ways to sharpen your skills and help your patients is to serve as an expert witness.

Top 5 Ways to Get the Most From Your Expert Witness Directory Listings
Article detailing 5 ways experts can get the most from their directory listings.

Top 5 Biggest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes Expert Witnesses Make
Article describing 5 Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Mistakes experts commonly make.

The 5 Biggest Mistakes Expert Witnesses Make on Their Websites
Common mistakes that experts make on their websites.

Expert Witness Websites: Uninteresting, Unsupportable and Unsafe?
Expert Witnesses often have someone from their marketing department design their website or hire someone to design it for them, without taking the time to review what they have written. Keep in mind that you are ultimately responsible for what is written and posted on your website. Do not let the marketing person ‘fluff-up’ your credentials, as your website is often the first place opposing counsel will go to dig up dirt on you.

The 10 Biggest Marketing Mistakes Expert Witnesses Make and How to Avoid Them
The most successful experts treat their expert witness practice as a business and develop a marketing plan after consulting with those with experience in the field.

How To Start a Lucrative Expert Witness Practice
An expert witness practice can be extremely lucrative. Expert witnesses on average earn $250-$400 per hour for their time spent assisting lawyers. Start-up costs and overhead expenses for experts are usually very low. This article details the four steps professionals who wish to start a lucrative expert witness practice should follow.

The 10 Biggest Mistakes Expert Witnesses Make During Depositions
The discovery depositions of expert witnesses are increasingly playing an important role in the litigation process. Under Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 (4) A: “A party may depose any person who has been identified as an expert whose opinions may be presented at trial.” With this in mind, we turn to the ten biggest mistakes experts make during their depositions.

Tips Paralegals Can Use To Select Expert Witnesses
Choosing the “right” expert witness can be one of the most crucial decisions made when preparing a case for settlement and/or trial. Experienced and successful paralegals follow a mental checklist in determining who to select as an expert witness.

SEAK Expert Witness Deposition Preparation Checklist
A great outline for both attorneys who prepare experts and the expert witnesses themselves.

Getting Started as an Expert Witness
Interview with Steve Babitsky, Esq., President SEAK, Inc.

The Biggest Mistakes Physicians Make in Transitioning to a Non-Clinical Career and How to Avoid Them
Many physicians considering a transition to a non-clinical career ask themselves the following question: “How am I going to replace my current income?” This is the wrong question to ask.  For the vast majority of physicians, the correct question to ask is “How much money am I losing by staying in clinical medicine.”

• Supplemental Income For Physicians

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