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SEAK is a continuing education, publishing, marketing, and consulting company.  We were founded in 1980 and have trained well over 30,000 expert witnesses, physicians, lawyers, nurses, and other professionals.  We are based on Cape Cod, Massachusetts.


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Seminars Available on DVD 

How to Excel as an Expert Witness in Workers’ Compensation Cases:  Special Techniques-(4 DVD Set)
Learn how to far more effectively deal with the subtle nuances and hidden pitfalls in workers’ compensation cases including: causation, impairment, disability, restrictions and limitations, necessity of medical care, permanency and return to work.  Taught by the Honorable Kirsten Tate, a distinguished workers’ compensation administrative law judge and Steve Babitsky, Esq., a successful workers’ compensation claimant’s attorney and thought leader in expert witness issues.


How to Start, Build and Run a Successful IME Practice-(7 DVD Set)
This is SEAK’s highly acclaimed training seminar on IMEs. Performing Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs) is a great way to both earn additional income and diversity your practice. The earning potential is enormous.  Exam fees average $800-$1,500 and are often much higher than this. Physicians routinely do multiple exams in one day. IMEs can be done on your schedule, with minimal additional overhead, no call, and without disrupting your current practice.


How to Excel as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases: Special Techniques-(7 DVD Set)
Patent work is perhaps the most lucrative of all expert witness case types. Fees for experts in patent cases commonly run in the six figures. How to Excel and Succeed as an Expert Witness in Patent Cases: Special Techniques is designed to assist those technical and medical experts who wish to excel in patent cases or those who wish to break into this field. Patent cases are often the highest stakes civil litigation, with disputes in the seven to ten figure range.



How to Excel as an Expert Witness in Medical Malpractice Cases-(5 DVD Set)
This is the most highly specialized training available for medical experts who work on medical malpractice cases. Malpractice cases are very high stakes, feature many unique rules and nuances and are full of hidden pitfalls. We will show you dozens of special techniques that will allow you to distinguish yourself when serving on medical malpractice cases. You will also learn how to recognize and avoid the numerous and potentially serious traps that may await medical malpractice expert witnesses.


consulting dvd thumbnailHow to Start, Build & Run A Successful Physician Consulting Practice-(7 DVD Set)
Consulting is highly lucrative. Most of the work can usually be done from a home office and overhead, start-up costs and risks are relatively small. This hands-on intensive workshop will show you how to start, build, and run a high paying consulting practice. You will be guided to find your best consulting niches and be provided with strategies for getting started, building, marketing and expanding your new consulting practice. Emphasis will be placed on the practical needs of the physician and your consulting practice. You are provided the tools, forms, and checklists to get your consulting practice off the ground.


law for experts thumbLaw for Experts: What You Need to Know to Succeed-(7 DVD Set)
This program shows experts how a practical understanding of law, procedure and legal terminology will make them markedly more effective and successful. We have carefully condensed a huge body of knowledge into a very manageable program, thus allowing experts to learn what they need to know about the legal system. Experts will learn how to think and speak like the lawyers who retain them. Common “legalese” will be made comprehensible and experts will learn the procedural and substantive laws which impact them and govern legal disputes including: civil procedure, discovery, trial practice, causes of  action, affirmative defenses, evidence, contracts, negligence, Daubert/Frye and the legal rules and concepts most relevant to expert witnessing.


support staff thumbHow to Assist An Expert Witness Practice: The Support Staff Program-(5 DVD Set)
This program teaches expert witness support personnel how to help make their experts’ practices more valuable and successful. The program features numerous case studies and exercises. You are provided with concrete protocols, checklists, and action steps to help your expert witnesses succeed.



med malpractice thumb Medical Malpractice Survival Training for Physicians-(5 DVD Set)
Malpractice Survival Training for Physicians is essential training for any physician who is currently being sued or is at risk for being sued over the course of his or her career. We teach you how to give yourself the best chance of successfully defending an accusation of medical malpractice. We further show you how to be a more effective witness in your own defense. In addition, we teach you what you can and should do to assist in your own defense including making sure the insurance company hires the right lawyer, assisting in case preparation and expert selection, and making a favorable impression upon the jury.

inventor thumbHow to Become a Successful Physician Inventor: Bringing Your Ideas to Market-(5 DVD Set)
Physician inventors have improved the lives of patients, saved lives, and been handsomely rewarded for their efforts. Viewers will be taught how to supplement their clinical income by bringing one or more of their invention ideas to market. These hands-on intensive DVDs will show physicians how to critically evaluate their invention ideas and take the steps necessary to bring one or more of them to market. Emphasis will be placed on the practical needs of the new physician inventor and getting them up to speed on what they need to know to proceed with their inventions.

negotiating thumbNegotiating Skills for Physicians-(4 DVD Set)
When switching careers or starting a new business you unfortunately are not compensated on what you know or deserve. You are compensated on how well you negotiate.  Negotiating Skills for Physicians will provide you with the negotiating skills you need and give you an opportunity to practice these skills through a variety of challenging negotiation exercises.  The didactic portion of the course is lively and interactive.  The case examples involve negotiations with new employers and prospective business  partners/vendors.

ime masters thumbIME Skills for Physicians: The Master’s Program-(7 DVD Set)
Recorded at a live workshop, this is the most advanced training available on Independent Medical Evaluations (IMEs) and is now available as a DVD set. Physicians completing these intensive two days of training will raise the level of their IME work product, produce more valuable and defensible reports, and become “go-to” evaluators sought after by insurers, attorneys, brokers, and other clients.


ime market and grow thumbHow To Market & Grow Your IME Practice-(10 DVD Set)
This is the most advanced training available on IME Marketing.  How to Market and Grow Your IME Practice is designed for both IME physicians and their employees who are tasked with practice development.  You will learn how to professionally and cost-effectively market your IME practice and services and how to build a lucrative practice that will stand the test of time. Videotaped at a live workshop.


ortho thumbAdvanced Orthopedics for Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Health Professionals-(7 DVD Set)
Each year a large portion of workers’ compensation indemnity and medical costs are spent on claimants with orthopedic injuries, conditions, and treatment. These DVDs will show you how to make informed decisions about: claims, causation development of treatment plans, best practices, management, health promotion, rehabilitation, disability impairment, and return to work.


causation thumbCausation of Occupational Injuries Fact or Fiction-(2 DVD Set)
This DVD set is for anyone who is involved with workers’ compensation and occupational health.  Every new workers’ compensation case involves the determination of causation.  The evidence based science of causation has been difficult to assemble.  This course brings together the science of causation, the law, and the daily application of both.



neurology thumbAdvanced Neurology for Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Health Professionals-(3 DVD Set)
Each year a substantial portion of workers’ compensation indemnity and medical costs are spent on claimants with neurological injuries, conditions, and treatment. In this unique DVD set, viewers are, for the first time, able to learn about the diagnostic tests that they have been reading and see them demonstrated live. This DVD seminar will help attendees make informed decisions about the etiology, progress, treatment, rehabilitation and return to work of claimants with neurological conditions.


evidence based dvd thumbnail

Evidence Based Medicine in Workers’ Compensation-(4 DVD Set)
Workers’ Compensation administrative systems and the courts are increasingly using Evidence Based Medicine in causation analysis, utilization review of treatment, and work ability assessment. This DVD program will show you how scientific evidence can and should impact causation determinations, treatment decisions, and work restrictions and limitations.


Managing & Defending Workers’ Compensation Claims:  For Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Health Professionals-(4-DVD Set)
This program will help you to defend workers’ compensation cases and reduce the costs of your claims.  You will learn how to critically examine workers’ compensation claims for both liability and potential exposure.  Practical advice is provided to cost-effectively manage your claims through affirmative defenses, compensability analysis, medical management/IMEs, investigation and other proven techniques.