SEAK, Inc. is The Expert Witness Training Company

We work with experts of all specialties including accountants, engineers, physicians, accident reconstructionists, appraisers, construction, fingerprint, safety, security, financial, maritime, etc. We have trained many thousands of expert witnesses since 1990.

Our clients include the FBI, IRS, SEC, FAA, FDA, Secret Service, NYPD and Department of Defense as well as Fortune 500 Companies, Boutique Consulting Firms and countless individual expert witnesses. We are the publisher of the SEAK National Directory of Expert Witnesses which is the #1 rated expert witness directory and guarantees referrals for experts placing their first listing.

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What Our Clients Have To Say

” Jim, I just gave a 6 hour deposition as plaintiff’s expert.  Retaining counsel openly stated that, in his 40 years of practice, I was the best prepared and composed expert witness he has ever had. Thanks for the great training and guidance.”

“Jim, it was a pleasure to learn from you. You are a bit scary (hahaha) but an amazing teacher! Well, all of you (Chip, the judge, and you ) were excellent teachers. I have never deposed but feel now have great tools, when the time comes. Again, thank you so much! The pleasure was mine.”

“Jim, I enjoyed the seminar.  Your illustrative stories, case reports and sense of humor made it go by quickly.  I have already begun updating my CV and website using what I learned.  I look forward to the next one.”

“Jim, I enjoyed the seminar.  Your illustrative stories, case reports and sense of humor made it go by quickly.  I have already begun updating my CV and website using what I learned.  I look forward to the next one.”

“High level training I feel like I’m leaving here way ahead of others starting this line of work.”

“Lots of great information, fast paced, experts are teaching information they know like the back of their hand.”

“Worth every little penny for how it’ll help my work.”

 “Jim, it went very well! I followed your advice and had so much fun. I got to use two analogies! (Road map and cardiac arrest with late script.) [Retaining Counsel] approved for me to bring visual aids and she let defense counsel know beforehand. I got the posters done 16×20 this weekend. Worked!  Thank you so much for the prep. You are the superb master. Will share the videorecording later. :))”

 “Jim, it went very well! I followed your advice and had so much fun. I got to use two analogies! (Road map and cardiac arrest with late script.) [Retaining Counsel] approved for me to bring visual aids and she let defense counsel know beforehand. I got the posters done 16×20 this weekend. Worked!  Thank you so much for the prep. You are the superb master. Will share the videorecording later. :))”

“Jim, Thanks again to You and Chip for one of the best workshops/seminars/trainings that I’ve ever attended. Your advice is spot on.”

 “The meeting, exceeded my expectations. The only thing I regret was not taking these courses before accepting my first case. I appreciated the absence of commercial presence. The setting and services were fantastic.”

 “Both the seminar and the conference were great! Very well planned, organized and executed! I learned a lot in both and I am very happy with my investment of time and money in this.”

 “I have been doing life care planning for twenty years and I was skeptical that I could really get that much more out of additional training. I was so wrong. This was a huge benefit to me and my company. I appreciate the access to such wonderful and knowledgeable professionals. The presentations were extremely informative on every level. It was also a wonderful opportunity to network and meet so many wonderful people…..”

 “Jim, I gave myself a $100 raise after the conference to $600 per hour and the lawyer from VA that called me Monday after the conference sounded very happy to hire me! Thanks for the raise!”

 “Outstanding – Nadine is an outstanding lawyer and teacher- maybe the best teacher at any conference I have attended.”

 “From my listing in the SEAK Directory alone I generated over $100K last year and I’m on track to do at least that much and probably more this year. I also highly recommend the SEAK retention contract which is airtight and has saved me from unwanted hassles in collecting payments. If you’re new to expert witness consulting or have been doing it for a while, SEAK is the only directory you’ll ever need to start or grow your expert witness consulting practice”

“It was wonderful. I actually put the information into practice right away with an attorney who tried to bully me into starting work before the contract was signed. Once I spoke with him, I was extremely confident to back him down and do it my way. I’ve already revised my CV and it looks great. THANKS MUCH!”

 “Phenomenal – the combo of the book with the speakers is fabulous. Steve and Nadine are exceptional (obviously) natural, interesting, organized, funny, human, quick on feet… could go on – made us (audience) feel safe and ‘no judgement’.”

 “Mr. Babitsky is so persuasive I think he could convince a jury that the earth is flat! Nadine is also an excellent presenter. “

“Had a depo this morning. Killed it! Thanks for the idea about the timeline of events— totally helped me nail the facts and testify smoothly. Have a great week!”

“Thanks Jim!!! You brought me into a world that is rewarding, exciting, and really really FUN!!!”

“Jim. Thank you so much for everything You and Judge Larson were fantastic…This was my 4th seak course !!! With every one I learn and take away so many new concepts. See you at the next one.”

 “I wanted to thank you for an incredible 2 days of teaching. Probably one of the best courses I have taken. I love the way that you interacted with everybody in the class. I honestly feel that interactive and “hands on” teaching result in the best learning experience.”

 “A wonderful, and really eye-opening experience. Your session with Judge Lawson was one of the most interactive presentations that I have seen!”

“Jim is absolutely phenomenal- always sharp- excellent in every respect. Remarkable experience. Judge Lawson was very effective as well, but Jim is a true stand-out.”

 “Nadine: you did an amazing job! You made this course. I learned a lot from you. I appreciate your enthusiasm and energy. You were an excellent teacher and I really hope you continue what you do. Richard: you do have a great deal of knowledge & experience as a physician who does this work. It was good to hear your anecdotes and benefit from your field of knowledge.”v

 “I greatly appreciated the wonderful advice from Attorney Donovan during our Monday teleconference. The advice was comprehensive and will befit both my future revenue and professional credibility.”

 “Dear Jim, Your training in Cape Cod was an incredible experience for me. It inspired me to schedule time to grow my expert witness business and I plan to attend more trainings in the future. My only regret is that I didn’t make the time to attend your training before. My husband plans to attend the training in the next few months after seeing how excited I am to invest my free time in building my business. You and Chip are impressive and it was an unforgettable experience for me at such a beautiful location. Hope to see you and your team soon.”


“Absolutely, this was one of the most practical seminars that I’ve attended. Looking forward to building this practice and seeing you again soon.”


“Thank you, Jim. I was thoroughly impressed by your level of preparation (you actually knew who you were speaking with) and by SEAK in general. I am definitely a fan. I take this endeavor seriously as much hangs in the balance for patients and physicians and am glad to have found a credible educator and support network. I will certainly take more advanced training with SEAK in the future and hope to count you, personally, among my support network if questions arise.”

Pearls of wisdom/experience [were] freely shared by presenters. I especially liked them saying what rate they recommend each type of expert charge (i.e. surgeon vs. engineer).”

“I am scheduled to testify at a jury trial tomorrow. Looking forward to utilizing the new tools in my toolbox, especially active listening, and answering the actual question in a clear, relevant and concise manner. The service you provide as a vocation is impactful.”


“It was awesome Jim! Thank you. Your presentation style is engaging and informative. You are a teacher at heart!”

“It was a fantastic class and well worth the money.”


“The interactions with the students really made a difference in the experience. It also energized me to up my game to the next level.”

 “Jim, I’m glad I never had to encounter you as an opposing attorney, but this experience has made me more prepared for just that.”

 “Judge Lawson and Mr. Mangraviti were fantastic; who knew lawyers could be funny!”

 “Jim: I really enjoyed the course in Clearwater last February and have been quite successful at increasing my fees from $600 to $750 per hour and doubling, if not tripling my referrals.  I believe that revenue has grown from $75,000 in 2017 to $110,000 in the first half of 2018.  I am seeing an increasing number of word of mouth referrals.”

 “Jim, Best conference I have attended. Really respect your style, the substance of the program and how you demonstrated dep questions/answers through interactions and not just lecture. Thank you very much for a A+ rated experience.”

 “This [was my 3rd SEAK seminar], it’s incredible. Every expert needs this course.”

 “I learned too much to list. I learned enough by 9:30 the first day that would have preventer my disaster at my first depo several months ago.”

“Greatly appreciate this teacher. Very responsive to questions and flexible with schedule and yet moved through the agenda on time. Masterful. Greatly appreciate sense of humor. Hilarious!”

 “Thank you many times for this part of my professional life which has thus far resulted in 55 legal cases.”

 “Hi Jim, Hope all is well. Gonna toot my own horn a little — but any success, I owe entirely to you and SEAK!  I’ve been in trial all week for a blockbuster [patent case]. The partner of the retaining firm said it was the first time ever that one of his experts’ cross was so clean that no re-direct was needed. Thanks for all your great teaching.”

“Hey Jim – The testimony I gave last week (civil trial) for plaintiff was well received. Both of plaintiff lawyers thought best expert testimony they had heard in 20 and 31 years respectively. So all your training and the SEAK books are bearing fruit!”

 “First and foremost, as a first year attendee I have to tell you the conference was AMAZING!  I walked away with more real-world, directly applicable information that I thought was possible in a weekend.”

“Nadine, the course was fantastic and exceeded my expectations. You and Dr. Parker have the rare gift of being able to explain all of the nuances and details of the process of preparing to be a successful expert witness.  I have already recommended and will continue to recommend this course to colleagues. Thanks again.”

 “I’d like to thank both of you Jim and Steve. I did a very good investment of my time by taking a total of about 30 days educations with you. (It might be that I got the record). I learned so much from you. As a result, I think that I have a return on investment of about 1,000X …..I have now a very good business, and I’m rejecting a lot of work. I don’t have time. This is good. Thanks “

 “I [recently] had my first trial  – on a case involving a murder.  It was quite an interesting experience with 4.5 hours on the stand over two days Thanks to SEAK training, I felt very prepared and was confident on the stand with very positive feedback from retaining counsel.”

“I just billed $50,000 for the trial in my patent case, making this case worth $85,000 to me.  They have also given me several other good cases.  I am happy to tell you that I reached my goal of billing over $200,000 this year (averaging around 100,000 the prior 3). Happy holidays, and thanks for everything you have done for me.”

 “The depo training was superb; you are a very good teacher, Jim.  Take it from a former medical professor and invited-to-be-a law professor.”

 “Instructor extremely knowledgeable and very slick. I hope I am never deposed by Mr. Mangraviti.”

 “[Nadine was] eloquent, animated, [and] informed”

 “It was great, you two guys were great…. have you two thought of putting together a stand-up comedy act? I was VERY impressed how you had gone over every single participant’s sample report or deposition transcript in so much detail.”

 “Jim,  The program was outstanding! Both you are Judge are very knowledgable and are excellent teachers. The interactive program, the clips, etc were fabulous. The flow of the seminar was terrific! A+ to you both and SEAK.”

“Thanks Jim. Great sessions. I will encourage my associates to also attend. The judge was also very impressive. A tremendous amount of valuable information – well worth the investment. Also discussions with other participants was valuable and I made several good contacts. Fantastic!”

 “Hi Jim, Can’t say enough about how great the conference was.  Having Judge Lawson there was just incredible.  How else can you get an education from a judge on the do’s and don’ts of how to do this stuff. Top notch information, entertaining delivery, and valuable insights. Terrific presentation, never a dull movement – particularly with the lingering threat of being called upon for a demonstration!”

 “Jim, I truly enjoyed myself at your course this weekend. You and Judge Lawson are both great orators have great teaching styles. I loved all the vignettes that you both had. I am glad that you have left “active duty” and have taken to training, teaching and coaching. I wouldn’t want to have to face you in a real witness stand, but now I feel more confident when I have to face some of your colleagues!”

 “Outstanding, riveting. Despite the long hours, there was never a dull or uninformative moment.”

 “James was exactly like the worst prosecutor I have faced and it was perfect.”

 “Jim – you do a great job at learning the student and making the course personalized.”

“Nadine is an excellent presenter – real work examples really helped drive her point’s home. Even maintained her composer with my frequent opinions. Personable. Judiciously funny.”

 “Let me also take this opportunity to say how much I enjoyed the courses –learned a lot, and laughed quite a bit to boot, my favorite combination.”

 “Nadine, Thank you for a compelling conference.  I was very impressed with your command of the room.  I’m glad you’re not plaintiff’s attorney!”

 “Nadine is an electrifying speaker.”

“Dear Ms. Donovan and Mr. Mangraviti, I thoroughly enjoyed your recent seminar in San Diego, and decided to list my services with SEAK in your directory.  That was on January 24 and I think my listing took about a week to finalize.  Today is February 5th and I am pleased to report to you that I have been contacted three times since then (twice yesterday!) to retain my services.  I am needless to say very impressed and I have already been paid more than my annual fee for my listing. Thanks again for all your information.  I’ll be back!”

“This weekend’s Conferences were absolutely outstanding!  Each day was worth the whole 4-day cost in terms of value.  And Jim as a presenter is something really special (Nadine’s wonderful as well).”

“I’m glad I came for the four days as it was an eye opener.  If my cases move to deposition, I will want to have some coaching for sure.  In regards to growing the business, I am going to digest everything we covered, and the resources I’ve ordered.  I’ve made my CV changes that you and Nadine pointed out.  It certainly looks a lot cleaner now.”

“Jim, You don’t know how much I learn from you and your colleagues and consider you a GREAT teacher.  I am betting on SEAK to get me where I need to be.”

 “Jim and Nadine, Thank YOU for the course!  Your background, expertise and approach to the class made it VERY worthwhile!  I fully intend on using the comments provided and experience to make myself a better expert witness!  I look forward to kicking the “other side’s” butt with the skills I was taught, and will certainly recommend your courses to others in the field!”

“It was the best seminar I’ve actually been to in years.   I’ve already recommended highly to two other [experts].”

“Naples was my third SEAK class. As I stated in class, each session has proved exceptionally valuable in a very short period of time.”

 “Dear Jim, Thank you for an amazing two days of teaching over the weekend‎, as well as the great conference arrangement’s and Nancy’s warm, helpful touch. I will be calling your office this week to find a time I can schedule a follow up consultation with you or a colleague.”

“Jim, The powerful presentation coupled with your unique personality made the experience both incredibly professionally beneficial an lots of fun at others expense, thankfully not mine on this go round. I look forward to my next seminar and hope to put my new skills learned in Naples to use as soon as possible.”

 “Jim, Thank YOU. Your class was great. I wished I had this level of training 23 years ago. It would have been extremely helpful in my career. But, now is the time. God willing, I’ll see you in January.”

 “Since I attended your SEAK course 2 summers ago on Cape Cod, I have been a Wound Nurse Expert Witness for 18 cases!!!  I Love ending my career this way!!!  Thank you!!”

“It was amazing, after the deposition segment during this past years’ DC conference, I was deposed and it was night and day. I was hitting the balls out of the park.”