Personal IME Training

Can’t get away to attend one of our upcoming seminars?

Don’t want to wait for SEAK’s next IME training seminar?

Looking for the highest level of personalized service?

Personalized IME training from SEAK may be just what you need.  When working 1-1 with our clients we are able to be 100% focused on that client’s individual circumstances and needs.  All personal training is done remotely and at times convenient to you.  This means that our 1-1 clients learn in the most efficient possible manner.

SEAK’s IME consultants work one-on-one with independent medical examiners to assist them in areas such as:

    • IME Practice Building
    • IME Practice Management
    • IME Report Writing Skills
    • Deposition Preparation

To explore how SEAK can work one-on-one with you to show you how to take your IME practice to the next level, please contact us;
James Mangraviti, Esq.
(978) 276-1234