Consulting For Physicians

What are you really good at that clients will pay for? That is the essence of developing a successful and lucrative physician consulting practice.

Physicians living with the constant state of uncertainty in the economy and their reimbursements, are looking for additional revenue streams that they can control. Physician consultants are paid by value i.e. what they contribute to solving problems in business.

Physicians who are good at:

* Listening

* Analyzing and interpreting data

* Pragmatic problem solving &

* Simple and elegant solutions,  are naturals for developing a sustainable, lucrative consulting practice.

In your consulting practice you will be able to:

* Work with smart people who value your insight and analysis

* Face new and different challenging problems

* Look for solutions that you cannot find on the internet

* Be rewarded for the solutions you bring to the table.

Physician consultants will want to consider:

* How to select the correct niche and what services you will offer

* How to best land the first few clients

* How to charge? By the hour, job, etc.

* The best ways to negotiate premium consulting fees

* Marketing the practice

* How to deliver a high quality work product which will be valued by clients

* Spotting, creating and capitalizing on emerging consulting opportunities and

* How to obtain repeat business


If you are a physician problem solver who would like to work with clients who appreciate your insight and knowledge and are willing to compensate you accordingly, consider starting your own physicians consulting practice.

Steven Babitsky is the seminar leader for the physician consulting training course; HOW TO START,BUILD, AND RUN A SUCCESSFUL CONSULTING PRACTICE to be held February 7-8 , 2013 in Naples Florida.