Motivating Employees to Embrace Optimal Health
Nicholas Hall Ph.D.

People respond not to reality, but to belief-induced mental images of reality. This is key to understanding why some individuals fail to embrace health-promoting behaviors. Health-destructive beliefs are not justified, they serve no useful purpose, and they most likely are also impacting the financial heath and success of the organization the person works for. Three simple questions can quickly identify these unhealthy beliefs. But proactive steps will be futile if impediments to change are not first identified and removed. Uncertainty about the future drives fear. There’s a straightforward solution to countering most any type of uncertainty and it requires the ability to predict. Not with a crystal ball, but with knowledge! When a person knows more, they fear less. But the knowledge has to be imparted in a manner that is consistent with their temperament and personality. There’s one more strategy; show people the way they can tune their brain with a knife and fork. Some parts of the brain will motivate people to rise to the challenge, while other groups of nerve cells will trigger avoidance. For some people, the key to success may in the pantry.


Nicholas Hall Ph.D. will be speaking at the SEAK 33rd Annual National Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference to be held on July16-18, 2013 on Cape Cod, MA.

He will present the timely topic Motivating Employees to Embrace Optimal Health. Dr. Hall will explain why despite knowing what to do, employees seldom take the steps necessary to improve their health. He will present solutions to help you motivate your employees to change their image-shaping beliefs and embrace optimal health. Dr. Hall will offer a highly pragmatic approach to answering the age old question “They know what to do, so why don’t they do it?”

Nicholas R. S. Hall, PhD is the Director of the Institute for Health and Human Performance and the Director of the Wellness Center at the Saddlebrook Resort in Wesley Chapel, Florida. He received his BA in Psychology from the University of Florida and his PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Florida College of Medicine. Dr. Hall is an internationally recognized Psychoneuroimmunologist who has conducted pioneering research delving into the interrelationships between the emotions and health. Since 1972, his National Institute of Health supported research on the mind and body has been featured on numerous television programs including CBS “60 Minutes,” the BBC “Nova” series, and the Emmy Award winning series “Healing and the Mind” produced by Bill Moyers for PBS. He has published over 150 research articles and book chapters, and was senior editor of the highly acclaimed book, Mind Body Interactions and Disease which was commissioned by the National Institutes of Health.