SEAK offers numerous highly regarded DVD training seminars in the fields of workers’ compensation and occupational medicine.  We are a thought leading company in these areas.  For 38 years, SEAK sponsored the largest and most highly regarded national workers’ compensation and occupational medicine conference. We take pride in our faculty of international thought leaders and the cost saving solutions our clients are able to take home.

Seminars Available On DVD

juy__16046.1405418652.1280.1280Advanced Orthopedics for Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Health Professionals; 7-DVD Set
Each year a large portion of workers’ compensation indemnity and medical costs are spent on claimants with orthopedic injuries, conditions, and treatment. These DVDs will show you how to make informed decisions about: claims, causation development of treatment plans, best practices, management, health promotion, rehabilitation, disability impairment, and return to work.
SEAK_Causation_rev_DVD_Entrapment__56131.1405419177.1280.1280Causation of Occupational Injuries Fact or Fiction; 2-DVD Set
This DVD set is for anyone who is involved with workers’ compensation and occupational health.  Every new workers’ compensation case involves the determination of causation.  The evidence based science of causation has been difficult to assemble.  This course brings together the science of causation, the law, and the daily application of both.
SEAK_AdvancedNeurology_DVD_Versapak_Entrapment_front__37167.1410459911.1280.1280Advanced Neurology for Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Health Professionals; 3-DVD SET
Each year a substantial portion of workers’ compensation indemnity and medical costs are spent on claimants with neurological injuries, conditions, and treatment. In this unique DVD set, viewers are, for the first time, able to learn about the diagnostic tests that they have been reading and see them demonstrated live. This DVD seminar will help attendees make informed decisions about the etiology, progress, treatment, rehabilitation and return to work of claimants with neurological conditions.

SEAK-Evidence-Based_Medicine-front onlyEvidence Based Medicine in Workers’ Compensation-(4 DVD Set)
Workers’ Compensation administrative systems and the courts are increasingly using Evidence Based Medicine in causation analysis, utilization review of treatment, and work ability assessment. This DVD program will show you how scientific evidence can and should impact causation determinations, treatment decisions, and work restrictions and limitations.
Managing & Defending Workers’ Compensation Claims: For Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Health Professionals-(4 DVD Set)
This program will help you to defend workers’ compensation cases and reduce the costs of your claims.  You will learn how to critically examine workers’ compensation claims for both liability and potential exposure.  Practical advice is provided to cost-effectively manage your claims through affirmative defenses, compensability analysis, medical management/IMEs, investigation and other proven techniques.