If you are a board certified physician and are interested in obtaining additional income doing file reviews, it is quite simple to get started.

Many of the major players are selecting physicians for this work from the SEAK Medical File Review Directory.

Here is an example of an email one of the physicians listed in the SEAK Medical File Review Directory recently received:

I obtained your name and email address from the SEAK Medical File Review Directory.  We are actively recruiting physicians to join our panel of reviewers. Below is some background information about our company, what we do and how it works. After reading this, if you have any questions or would like some more information about how to join our company, please feel free to contact me.  Thank you for your time- I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Basically, it works like this: we receive a case and check to see if you have availability to review it.  The cases are medical record reviews; you will never physically see or interact with the patient.  About 80% of the time, we ask you to contact the attending provider to see if there is any additional information that he/she can give you.  We send you a template with questions regarding the case.  You save the template to your computer, and you write the answers to the questions, the clinical history, and your supporting rationale on the template and send it back to us.

Your reviews are advisory only, and relate to what the medical records and AP discussion tell you about an individual’s impairment and functional ability; you are not making any disability claim decisions – our clients are making the decisions.

We estimate the amount of time we think it will take you to do the case, and if it takes longer than that, just give us a call during the case to let us know. We pay our reviewers $140.00 an hour, and this is work you can perform anywhere and anytime you have access to the Internet.

Put the amount of time you spent on the case. On or about the 17th of the month after you did the case, you’ll get your check for any cases done in the previous month.  That is, if you do a case on July 10th, one on July 16th, and one on July 27th, you’ll get paid for all three on or about August 20th.

If you agree to consult with us, we have an outside vendor perform the credentialing.  They send an application out to you that you fill out and return to them, and I’ll send you a confidentiality agreement, a sample case report, and other information.


For additional information please visit our website of Medical File Reviewers or contact Alex Babitsky at 508-457-5150 or alex@seak.com