How to Perform an Independent Medical Examination

Physicians who are new to IMEs will need to know how to conduct an IME (Independent Medical Evaluation).  IME physicians should understand:

  • What clients (attorneys, insurers, and case managers) are looking for (defensible answers to their questions) from independent medical examiners.
  • How to write an effective IME report.  A great resource for this is Writing and Defending Your IME Report: The Comprehensive Guide.
  • How to provide valid IME conclusions that are defensible and will hold up at hearing.
  • How to properly address common IME issues such as:
    • Diagnosis
    • Causation
    • Exaggerated Pain Behavior
    • Appropriateness of Care
    • Record Review
    • Physical Examination
    • When is a patient at Maximum Medical Improvement
    • How to Evaluate Permanent Impairment

One of the best resources for IME physicians is the instructional DVD How to Perform an Excellent Independent Medical Evaluation, presented by the co-founder of the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners.