How to Detect Symptom Magnification

Detecting symptom magnification can be a challenge for independent medical examiners.  Diagnosing symptom magnification and malingering is usually not a part of a physician’s traditional medical training.  Fortunately, there are a number of fairly simple tests that IME physicians commonly use to detect symptom magnification, which include:

  • Mankopf’s Manuever
  • Strength Reflex Test
  • Axial Loading Test
  • Gordon-Welberry Toe Test
  • Hoover Test
  • Cervical Motion Test
  • Tuning Fork Test
  • Burns Bench Test
  • Magnuson’s Test
  • Proprioception Test

The above tests and dozens of other distraction tests to detect symptom magnification and malingering are demonstrated and explained in the 65 minute DVD Symptom Magnification, Deception & Malingering: Identification Through Distraction and Other Tests and Techniques.