Perhaps the easiest way to get started doing Independent Medical Examinations is to list yourself with one or more IME Brokers or companies or referral services.  These firms provide Independent Medical Examinations for employers, insurers, claims managers, third party administrators, employers and attorneys.  The IME industry is greatly fragmented and there may be numerous IME brokers or referral organizations operating in your geographic location

For workers’ compensation Independent Medical Examinations, many states maintain lists of examiners who are approved to do workers compensation IMEs.  Contact your state’s workers’ compensation agency and get yourself placed on the list.

Directly contact local defense firms, insurance companies, employers and third party administrators and let them know you are available for this work.  To find defense firms, try the legal reference Martindale Hubbell.

At insurance companies and third party administrators the claims adjuster or case manager is the person who most frequently orders IMEs.

List yourself in SEAK’s National Directory of Independent Medical Examiners (  SEAK’s IME Directory goes out to 30,000 referral sources nationwide and the online website receives over 2-million hits each year. SEAK’s Directory also offers a 100% money back guarantee.

Consider becoming certified by the American Board of Independent Medical Examiners and list yourself in their Directory.

Consider joining the American Academy of Disability Evaluating Physicians and become listed on their web site directory.

Do a superb job and generate word of mouth referrals and repeat business. You can help facilitate repeat referrals by personally calling the referrer to thank them for your assignments.

Buy an IME practice.  IME practices can be bought and sold.  Check for notices from IME physicians in your area who are looking to retire and sell their IME practices.

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