Management of Complex Worker Compensation Cases

Joanne Ebert RN, MBA

With the increasing complexity of worker compensation cases, a case manager needs an arsenal of tools to enhance effectiveness and return the employee to work. Frequently, physical problems couples with behavioral health are becoming the norm. Joanne Ebert RN, MBA will be presenting: Integration of Benefits: Workers’ Compensation, Short-Term Disability, Long-Term Disability, and FMLA: What Works at the SEAK 33rd Annual National Workers’ Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference to be held on July16-18, 2013 on Cape Cod, MA. Ms. Ebert will explain how to manage multiple providers, focusing on abilities and capabilities as well as partnership with the manager for a successful return to work.


Joanne Ebert RN, MBA, MS, COHN-S is the director of occupational health operations, environment, health, and safety services at GlaxoSmithKline. She received her BS and BSN from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania and her MBA from Saint Joseph University School of Business. Ms. Ebert has had extensive experience and has lectured on integrated disability management. Ms. Ebert manages occupational clinical services, workers’ compensation, disability, and FMLA at GlaxoSmithKline.

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