The Six Golden Rules of Marketing an Expert Witness Practice
Excerpted from the SEAK text:  How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice: EVIDENCE-BASED BEST PRACTICES

By:  Alex Babitsky

• Nobody can tell you with certainty how effective any technique will be in marketing your expert witness practice.
–  What works for other experts may not work for you and vice versa.
–  There are no hard formulas for marketing. It’s not an exact science.

• Try different techniques and see what works best for you.
–  Testing involves not just trying new techniques, but tweaking existing ones.

• Track your results.
–  In every case, press counsel for precise information on how she found you.

• Be patient and persistent.
–  Marketing techniques often take time to pay off.
–  Do not quit too early.

• Repeat what works for you, discontinue what doesn’t.
–  Be open to trying new methods as technology evolves.

• Find the time necessary to devote to business development.
–  One of the biggest mistakes most experts make is not devoting sufficient time to business development.
–  A small amount of time regularly devoted to business development can pay large dividends.