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What Not to Include in an Expert Report

What Not to Include in an Expert Report Excerpt from the SEAK Text: Writing and Defending Your Expert Report  Post by: Alex Babitsky The only language that should appear in expert reports is language that objectively states or objectively supports an expert’s findings and conclusions. All other information is superfluous [...]


Medical Legal (medico legal) Work Improves Physician Skills

Physicians who do medical-legal (medico legal) work report that this helps them become better treating physicians. Each and every physician surveyed by the authors report that for many reasons doing medical-legal work exposes them to many treatment plans, the latest medications and modalities, and is the most effective continuing medical [...]


What is an Expert Witness?

The role of an expert witness is to use “scientific, technical, or other specialized knowledge” to assist the trier of fact to “understand the evidence or to determine a fact in issue.”  The “trier of fact” is the jury in a jury trial and the judge in a bench trial. [...]


The Six Golden Rules of Marketing an Expert Witness Practice

The Six Golden Rules of Marketing an Expert Witness Practice Excerpted from the SEAK text:  How to Market Your Expert Witness Practice: EVIDENCE-BASED BEST PRACTICES By:  Alex Babitsky • Nobody can tell you with certainty how effective any technique will be in marketing your expert witness practice. -  What works for other [...]

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