Independent Medical Examination (IME) Questionnaire

A helpful way to gather information from a person subject to an IME (an examinee) is through the use of a written questionnaire. Please see the below sample IME questionnaire.  Note that the below form can also serve as a helpful reference for IME physicians when taking the history from [...]


How to Perform the Excellent Orthopedic IME

Many of the independent medical examinations (IMEs) are musculoskeletal and performed by orthopedic physicians. What does an excellent orthopedic IME consist of?  Dr. Ronald Zipper, DO, FAOAO explained some of the elements of an excellent orthopedic IME. Pre IME Paperwork  You and your staff should, at all times be [...]


Sample IME (Independent Medical Examination) Fee Schedule

The below can be used as the basis for a written fee schedule for an independent medical examiner.  Fee and Payment Policy <Organization> values the positive relationship it has with its clients. This policy stipulates our fees and payment expectations. Independent Medical Evaluations  Fees are dependent upon the complexity [...]


How Much Does An IME (Independent Medical Examination) Cost?

Results of the 2015 SEAK Survey of IME Fees and Billing Practices SEAK is proud to announce the publication of its 2015 IME Fee Survey.  The survey was conducted in March 2015.  We received over 500 responses and were able to compile data regarding 47 different specialties. The average IME [...]


Sample Independent Medical Evaluation (IME) Report Template

The below can be used as a starting point to organize your IME report. This model IME report was established many years ago my Christopher R. Brigham, MD, a national thought leader in the field on IMEs.  Versions of this standardized IME report format are used widely by students [...]


The 50 Best Negotiation Questions to Ask

By Steven Babitsky Esq. One of the best ways professionals can quickly improve their negotiation outcome is to ask the “right” questions. These questions are a quick and easy way to help you succeed in many types of negotiation. Each question is designed to obtain crucial information and move the [...]