By Steven Babitsky Esq.

One of the best ways professionals can quickly improve their negotiation outcome is to ask the “right” questions. These questions are a quick and easy way to help you succeed in many types of negotiation. Each question is designed to obtain crucial information and move the person you are negotiating with to a successful outcome.

Here are the 50 Questions:

  1. How did you hear about us?
  2. So, how’s everything going?
  3. What is your time frame for wrapping up this negotiation?
  4. Whom do I speak with about canceling our service?
  5. Do you have full authority to negotiate and finalize a deal?
  6. May I please speak to your supervisor?
  7. Can you shoot me an e-mail before the meeting with your issues, goals, and concerns so I can prepare?
  8. I will send out a proposed agenda, okay?
  9. Would you like to get together and meet in person?
  10. Can we agree to put the past behind us and discuss only the future?
  11. Are you a team player?
  12. Can you do the job for $X?
  13. What is the most you have ever paid for this service or product?
  14. Can you give me a ballpark figure for your products or service?
  15. Are you aware of the industry standards here?
  16. Are you prepared to lose us as a customer today?
  17. Do you realize we are the sole source for this product/service?
  18. What alternatives do you have?
  19. Can I recommend someone else?
  20. How much business do you think we can do in the future if we can wrap up this negotiation successfully?
  21. Are you aware that some fact that suggests that money is tight?
  22. Do you realize that your competitor is charging a lower price?
  23. Instead of fighting about how to divide up this relatively small pie, will you agree to try to find a way to make a much bigger pie that we can share?
  24. How about we try it for a while; what do we have to lose?
  25. What if we increased the length of the deal/size of the order?
  26. How much flexibility do you have in the price?
  27. Are you interested in quality or price?
  28. Do you want to be rich or famous?
  29. How much do you estimate that will come out to?
  30. Will you give us a best-price guarantee?
  31. What if I were to pay cash?
  32. You, of course, accept major credit cards?
  33. Why don’t we just split the difference?
  34. Are you willing to agree to stay in this room with me until we reach an agreement?
  35. Should I close my file?
  36. Does the person you are negotiating with] still work there?
  37. Are you willing to get creative here to try to find something that works for both of us?
  38. Would you like to go off the record here?
  39. Can you recommend someone else?
  40. What can you give me that I can take back to my boss?
  41. If it’s okay with you then, I’ll call my lawyer and have Her send over a contract?
  42. Can we set up a time to finalize things on the last day of the month?
  43. Does my proposal work for you?
  44. How much time, effort, and money have you invested in your proposal?
  45. What will you do if we cannot reach an agreement?
  46. How did it feel to receive that award?
  47. Have you considered what you stand to lose if you don’t?
  48. Why should I continue to negotiate with you after that remark?
  49. What’s in it for me?
  50. Is there anything else you are aware of that may have an impact on our agreement or long- term relationship?


About the Author

Steven Babitsky Esq is the President of SEAK Inc. He is the trainer featured in the Negotiating Skills For Physicians 4 DVD Set.