Cost-effectiveness and the expanded coverage under the Affordable Care Act is driving the rapid expansion and use of work-site clinics to treat injured workers.

A recent study by the research firm Mercer found that more than 500 large companies have these clinics already in place. Approximately 27% of large and 36% of companies with over 20,000 employees currently offer these services.

One of the industry leaders in this national trend is Dr. Bruce Sherman who is the medical director with the Ohio-based Employers Health Coalition.

Dr. Sherman will be discussing the latest industry developments in his presentation:  ONSITE OCCUPATIONAL HEALTHCARE: PROVIDING VALUE AND LESSONS LEARNED at the SEAK National Workers Compensation and Occupational Medicine Conference to be held July 16-18th, 2013 on Cape Cod MA.

Dr. Sherman will explain the sources of value that worksite clinics can generate and review current methods for calculating the value of worksite services, and why some are more appropriate than others. He will discuss the factors that make worksite clinics so attractive for non-occupational healthcare services as well. Dr. Sherman will provide a framework for identifying opportunities to improve healthcare quality and outcomes. Following this presentation, you’ll have an enhanced ability to: articulate your worksite clinic’s organizational value in business terms, explore innovative approaches to collaboration with community healthcare providers, refine metrics selection and reporting skills to emphasize credibility and value generation, learn what “Red Flags” to avoid when reporting, and recognize the important role that worksite clinics can provide in the setting of healthcare reform.

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Steven Babitsky Esq. is a former workers’ compensation attorney, president of SEAK, Inc.,  and the conference leader.