"I hired SEAK to assist me with my forensic marketing. They carefully reviewed my current and past cases and talked to me about what cases I enjoyed, was good at and that were lucrative. They helped me identify an excellent niche. In the past year I have more than doubled [...]


"You are providing a wonderful service. I plan to take another course with you next year."


"I've been on SEAK for a while, and it's a great source of referrals."


"I have received two calls in the past week where the contacts found me through SEAK. One is a possible and one said that he will send the retainer check and files next week. So, it appears that people do use SEAK! Thanks!"


"One of the best continuing education courses that I have attended and I will be recommending you to colleagues, as well as seeking out your seminars in the future."


"I bragged about you guys to an expert witness group last evening. I recommended that they all attend your seminars!"


"I just got another call yesterday from your database. Listing with you guys is possibly the most successful thing that I have ever done for marketing. Keep up the good work."


"I just got a call from a lawyer that found me in your directory. So the listing is working -- thanks."

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